Action Earth & The Environment

Background & History

Over the last 10 years the Action Earth campaign has supported thousands of projects and people in making a positive difference to their local environment. We challenge local communities to identify ways in which they can protect and enhance their built and natural environment to improve their quality of life and safeguard the environment for future generations. Campaign Objectives

To empower people at local level to make improvements that will improve the quality of their life.

To involve people as volunteers on locally based environmental projects.

To increase the number of volunteers taking part in environmental work.

To help groups and organisations attract new volunteers.

To provide volunteers with practical skills and a range of volunteer opportunities that will be fun and educational.

What do we do?

Provide small grants to local voluntary and community groups to help them purchase the tools, equipment and materials needed.

Provide local people with information and the opportunity they need to take part (often for the first time) in a local volunteering activity.

Offer local groups help to develop and publicise new projects and volunteer opportunities.

Support and encourage local projects that provide opportunities for volunteers to learn new skills.

Provide people with information about environmental issues, sustainability and encourage them to develop more sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

What we achieved in 2010

902 projects registered in total
550 Projects registered in England
301 Projects registered in Scotland (100 SNH Biodiversity Grants and 101 Action Earth Grants)
151 Projects registered in Wales
Over 16,000 volunteers took part

We asked all of the projects to complete a survey form with details of their projects. The results were as follows:
Land improved (acres) 252
Bird/bat boxes constructed 869
Trees planted 2,214
Bulbs/flowers/shrubs/seeds planted 22,773
Metres of canal/river bed cleared 10,455
Tonnes of cans or paper recycled 900
Sacks of litter collected 2,761
Metres of fencing/walling constructed or hedgerows planted 1,647
Metres of ride/track/pathway improved 64,502
Skips of rubbish filled 371

This year, we are offering grants from £50 to £250 to projects in Scotland only which will help support and encourage Scottish biodiversity through practical environmental projects.

There will be three types of grant available to projects in Scotland this year.

Action Earth Express Grant is an easy to access grant of up to £50 available to any group of volunteers carrying out practical environmental work in their local community in Scotland.

SNH Biodiversity Grant offers up to £250 for projects that are improving or creating habitats for wildlife which will enhance biodiversity in Scotland.

SNH Local Nature Reserve Grant offers awards of up to £500 for activities taking place on LNRs which celebrate the work carried out on the site and raise the local profile of the site.

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