Hello there, my name is Sheila Mayer, and this is my `how to blog` for internet marketing. My journey towards financial freedom has not been easy, and I have had to make various sacrifices to achieve my goals. Internet marketing is a new career discipline that provides several benefits provides you can make informed decisions and embrace the appropriate values requires for success. One of my passions in life was to become a writer, and I have writer several materials including ebooks and articles. My greatest turning point in life was when I realized that I could use the internet to market my writing skills. Due to my hard work and passion for writing, I am proud to say that I am at a point in life where I am financially stable. While it was not an easy journey, this would have been made easier if I had a reliable source of information to guide me through the entire process. This is why I have developed this internet marketing blog. My main goals are to help you good choices when it comes to starting your online business venture. By developing a clear focus and putting in some hard work, you can easily convert your passion into a successful online business venture.