Blogging to market

Blog marketing is a procedure that is used to publish and advertise a website, brand or business through blogs as a medium. In most cases, blogging often involves marketing through the use of advertisements that are integrated the blogs, and user-generated content such as reviews and promotion through entries of by using third party blogs. More so, the ads on the blogs are often in the form of text links, audio clips and streaming video among many others. Most blog based marketing often comprises of some payments that are made to the blog owners. Some of the main methods that a blog will use to leverage on user traffic include Adsense ads. Here are some of the basic steps involved when you want to start a blog:

  • Choose your preferred blogging content or niche and specialize your content on it
  • Choose the appropriate blogging platform
  • Find a reliable host
  • Choose a good domain name
  • Install WordPress on your computer
  • Design, customize and use your blog

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