Social Media — The new age of marketing

Social media has virtually transformed every aspect of day-to-day lives. Business, clients, and various other service providers can now share content and market products or services with ease. In fact, with just the simple click of a button, a service provider can reach thousands of clients globally. Social media marketing involves the use of social media websites to sell products and services. In most cases, marketing through social media is simple since these websites come with analytic tools which can be used to track progress and the success of a campaign. More so, companies can now interact with a host of stakeholders just by using social media marketing including potential clients and even employees as well. Some of the common platforms that are used for social media marketing include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This type of marketing is considered authoritative since it involves various strategies to achieve specific marketing goals. For instance, the firm can implement a marketing campaign, set the scope and establish their targeted social media `culture.` Firms can allow customers to post legitimate user-generated content such as product reviews to act as social proof for a given product, rather using market developed marketing content. What is even more astounding is the fact that it keeps on growing by the day and the options are also endless.

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